Monday, March 5, 2012


If you are mom then you are one of about two billion in the world. You have had your body taken over by another little person, you wipe butts and noses, You will have changes 7,300 diapers by your child's second birthday. You probably wash a minimum of 330 loads of laundry a year,  you definitely have suffered from sleep deprivation, maybe depression, and definitely stress. You probably have locked yourself in the bathroom at some point and if you haven't, believe me, you will!  you probably have felt alone despite being in the midst of the whining pant pulling little ones around you.

Yes, Children are gifts from God and as mothers, we dedicate our lives to raising them and we love it (most of the time).  But this job comes with a lot of self-sacrifice. Mothers can often feel isolated and there is constantly uncharted territory as our children grow and go through different stages.   We are constantly trying to figure things out as we attempt to raise them "right." 

So in an attempt to encourage and support moms, my Sis-in-Law Julie Rowlands over at and I have started a mom's group.  We are going to have food, fellowship and topical conversation.  Our heart's desire is to bring moms together to build relationships that encourage and support!  The group will be meeting once a month.

Sooooooooo if you are a mom and interested, we would love it if you would check out the blog page for HEARTS IN HIS HANDS MOMS GROUP and we hope you will join us for a mom's night out! 


Hearts In His Hands Mom's Group

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