Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well, I have not blogged in a while, but this one should be pretty interesting and make up for it! We have our children in public school and recently had a situation occur with our seven year old son that would make any parent sick to their stomach! But before i go into the details, I just need to vent about some observations about raising boys in the public school system that we have noticed the past couple years. This will be a two part blog. The next one I do will tell all the drama we've been dealing with. OK, here we go.

Schools nowadays do not want boys to be boys, and if they behave like boys they then assume that something is wrong with them. Now of course their are children who do have problems and need medication, but we have heard numerous stories, especially with boys, where the child is very active like boys often are and the school wants to put them on Ritalin and label them with ADD or something. Now this is not what happened with our son, but there seems to be this mentality in society that boys should not behave like boys, but like girls. Yet people do not understand that God created boys differently then girls for his special purpose!

Modern secular society says that children are the way they are because of how they are conditioned by their environment. So give a boy, boy toys when he is little and he will gravitate towards those things, give a boy baby dolls and girl toys and he will develop a love for those type of things.

Well, these people obviously do not have children. I have two boys and a girl. When my oldest was three we were debating whether or not we should let him play with toy guns. Some boys in the neighborhood played with them and he wanted one. The poor child carried around a wood chip for 2 weeks and pretended it was a gun! He even made his pretzels into guns! And no, we did not let him watch anything violent where he would have learned this, other then observation of other boys playing. I gave in and got him one.

Now on the other end, my youngest is a girl and after having two boys, it has been so fun having a girl and she is sooo different. Before she was even two years old she was putting on my shoes and jewelry and pretending to be a little mommy to her dolls! And she definitely had her choice of guns, dinosaurs, and cars to play with having two older brothers. So, my point is boys and girls are different. We have come across this mentality on more than one occasion with our son who is now 7 years old and in second grade.

Now Obviously since Columbine, things have gotten a lot more serious in school when dealing with behaviors and possible problems. And they should be dealing with these things more seriously. The school district we are in has a Zero tolerance policy which basically says that they will not tolerate ANYTHING, even if your child just defended himself, he is at fault too! Another issue I have with this is that the school our son is in seems to think that they have the power to take away a child's constitutional rights if they think that there is any kind of possible threat to another child or to the school. And when I say threat, I mean it according to their definition, which could be ANYTHING!!!!! a drawing, something someone said someone said someone said, any kind of child to child conflict, as well as anything else. This is a problem! If this is already starting in our schools with our children, what is next? What if the government started behaving this way with our rights?

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. ok, done venting. stay tuned as the drama unfolds and make sure every parent you know with children in the public schools reads this next blog. And follow me!!!!

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